1998 Lamborghini Diablo SV

1 of 346 total examples produced





Model Variant

Diablo SV

Current Mileage

37,968 miles



Engine capacity

5.7 liter, 4-valve, V12 / 510BHP

exterior color


Interior color



Five Speed Manual

Top speed



Marcello Gandini (initial) Tom Gale (Chrysler Styling Center)

Years produced

1994 - 1999

Total production


More details

The incredible Lamborghini Diablo SV made its public debut at the 1995 Geneva Auto Show reviving the Super Veloce moniker from the Miura SV. The SV is based on the standard original Diablo in that it is rear wheel drive, lacking the all wheel drive of the 6.0 VT (Vicious Traction) example.

However, Lamborghini gave the SV an increase overall power from 485BHP on the first model to 510BHP which demands a strong hand at the wheel. To help maintain stability at high speeds, a large adjustable wing was added as standard equipment which could be color matched to the car or in raw carbon fiber, a few examples came with rear wing deleted.

Other minor cosmetic changes were made such as black tail lamp surrounds and repositioned rear fog and reverse lamps. Also, an extra set of front brake cooling ducts and a the famous double vent engine lid as previously seen on the SE30 JOTA models gave the SV a dramatic and racy look. The SV models came with or without the large SV graphics on either side of the cars.

The standard SVs came in six distinct colors (Giallo, Deep Black, Rosso Imola, Blu Le Mans and Verde Ithaca) each of which were chosen to compliment the black Alcantara interior which was standard on the cars.

This 1998 Lamborghini Diablo SV #2952 is believed to be 1 of 16 Diablo SV examples finished in Giallo for the U.S. market. Major engine out service, fresh Pirelli tires and concours level detail finished in 2022.
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