Lamborghini Diablo SE30 JOTA Registry

July 14, 2020
Lamborghini Diablo SE30 JOTA Registry
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At 600hp, the Diablo SE30 JOTA remains the most powerful Diablo variant ever produced. I vividly remember the buzz in magazines and the rumors of this cult car discussed in collector circles. Imagine, until recently, I had never driven or seen an original JOTA in person.The JOTA upgrade kit was created by Lamborghini for VIP clients who wished to go GT racing in the FIA BPR GT Series, competing against the Mclaren F1 GTR, Ferrari F40 GTE, and Porsche 911 GT2. The JOTA was designed for the already raw, race inspired Diablo SE30 to produce more power. Developed by Lamborghini Engineering, the former Lamborghini F1 division, less than 30 kits were produced for the world.The kit consisted of the following;

  • Racing ECU
  • Forced Intake and unique intake Manifold system
  • Unique Racing Cams
  • Unique Functional Rear Hood Scoops
  • Unique Exhaust System
  • 400km/h Speedometer
  • Small “JOTA” badge

Numerous experts and enthusiasts disagree about how many JOTA kit were installed at the factory. I have personally seen a few of the Diablo SE30 JOTA Production notes in archives in Sant’Agata that identify the cars as being produced with JOTA specification and without factory warranty.Like the original Miura JOTA, the Diablo SE30 JOTA was surrounded by myth and legend for many years. To date only one Diablo SE30 JOTA has publicly traded at auction. No official records or documents have been circulated or published and we were intrigured to know more! Aided by three European experts and a few collectors we were able to put together a comprehensive list of the entire of Diablo SE30 JOTA examples in the world, their color and some history! In addition, we were fortunate to locate the original factory parts manual scans and a few other exciting details.If you have any more details or information please feel free to contact us! We would love to know more!List of Factory LAMBORGHINI DIABLO SE30 JOTA26 Produced in Period, 2 Factory Kits installed Post-Production

  1. RLA12022– Purple/Blue Alcantara –
  2. RLA12030– Purple/Blue Alcantara – Factory Installation – VIP Righini – USA
  3. RLA12041– Yellow/Black Alcantara – Japan – Kit not installed
  4. RLA12048– Purple– Germany
  5. RLA12067- Yellow/Blue Alcantara – Japan
  6. RLA12081- Purple/Black Alcantara –Japan – Now in Saudi Arabia
  7. RLA12082 – Purple -
  8. RLA12083– Yellow/Blue  - Germany
  9. RLA12103 - Purple/Blue Alcantara –
  10. RLA12104 –Purple/Blue Alcantara – Japan – 17,000kms in 2003
  11. RLA12109 - Yellow/Blue Leather– UK Launch Car
  12. RLA12116- Yellow/Blue – Germany
  13. RLA12117 – Metallic Black - Germany
  14. RLA12119- Yellow/Black Alcantara -
  15. RLA12123- Ballon White/Blue – Netherlands – Factory Installation
  16. RLA12126 – Yellow -
  17. RLA12127 – Purple/Blue – Germany – Less than 200 miles – Owner turned down 1,200,00 euros
  18. RLA12130 – Green/Green – Factory Installation – Offered Privately for Sale for 700,000 euros
  19. RLA12132 – Light Blue – Mexico – Factory Installation- RM Sotheby’s Monaco 2016 672,000 euros
  20. RLA12136 – Purple/Blue - UK
  21. RLA12137 – White/Black Alcantara – Japan
  22. RLA12139 – Silver/Black Alcantara – Japan – 31,000 kms – Sold by BH Auctions
  23. RLA12140 – White/Red – Netherlands -
  24. RLA12145 – Silver/Black -
  25. RLA12149 – White – Japan
  26. RLA12150- White/Burgundy – Saudi Arabia – Last SE30 150/150
  1. RLA12025 - SE30 USA Spec– Purple/Black – Factory Kit Installed Post Production
  2. RLA12004-SE30 USA Spec – Purple/Black – Factory Kit Installed Post Production

RLA12108 – Believed to have kit but never installedRLA12147 – White example in Japan believed to be a JOTA but not confirmed[gallery size="medium" ids="|,|,|,|,|,|,|,|"]

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