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"Great video! John, you have a fantastic team! Barton and Nandina were beyond helpful. They went out of their way to assist with documenting a Urraco I was looking at, even though it's not a car you deal with. Fantastic group at Curated!"


"What you've shared, the history, the uniqueness, the fun, and everything that makes these cars special and meaningful has brought me joy and excitement."

Chris Nelson

"Thanks so much to the curated family for making this weekend awesome. It was so awesome hanging out with everyone!! Looking forward to seeing everyone for dinner drinks and cigars!!"


"Legendary knowledge of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Personal, professional, and passionate team. Ongoing projects include Lamborghini Countach, Diablo SVR, GEMBALLA Cyrus, and Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet."

Dennis Crowley

"Fantastic time with Curated Team and Horse Shoe Farm! Heading out on a 9 hr drive. Reach out for Colorado cruise or Cape Canaveral fishing. Great meeting everyone!"

Doug Almond

"Are they knowledgeable, hardworking and talented? And are they morally good people who implicitly will want to do the right thing for me? 1000% YES - Knowledgeable, hardworking, talented. Intimately familiar with vintage supercars. Deep culture of family. Goal: make me satisfied."

Doug Cohen

"I had the time of my life! The Curated family showed us an amazing time."

Timothy C.

"Thank you Curated family and everyone. Frankie and I met along the way. Unforgettable time. Truly a bucket list trip."


"Killer weekend! Major withdrawal now. Blew all expectations out of the water. Thanks to @johntemerian, @wearecurated, @nandhushky, @brookegerman, @thehorseshoefarm, and everyone involved. As Albert said, it's about the people. Thankful to be part of this dream weekend."

Ryan Friedman

"Thank you curated family for the wonderful time. Once-in-a-lifetime!"

Ron G.

"Thank you CURATED for putting together such and amazing event!! So many special cars, true enthusiasts, and new friends."


"I’m very proud of our group, we MADE HISTORY by driving the most challenging cars on these roads. We managed to bring all cars back unharmed and mostly without breakdowns. It’s amazing! Preparation + skill + sanity + a little bit of luck."