The End of the Automobile?

June 12, 2019
The End of the Automobile?
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I believe last week was a big pivot for the end of the automobile as we know it. Ferrari launched a new supercar the SP90 Stradale. This will be the first production hybrid car and the end of any new cars without hybrid tech.

This comes as Lamborghini announces the Aventador SVJ will be the last true V12 to be produced, as the next generation will be hybrid.

As I watched the video for the SP90 I felt conflicted. As I watched new cars launch at Geneva I felt confused.
We can almost always agree that evolution and technology leaps are better. Everything new must be better. It’s the nature of new.

I remember years ago someone telling me the future is E-Gear and F1 transmission, it’s easy, it’s the evolution, just like the window switch. You want power windows? Who wants to roll down their windows.

I’m not an old guy, I love technology and driving an New Aventador or 488 Pista is absolutely incredible. They are driver friendly, they don’t break, they don’t smell, the AC is remarkable, Bluetooth…

But I’m confused.

I’m confused because I know that 99% of the time new is better, but this just doesn’t feel right.

Yes, the new cars have evolved into great transportation. But I’m not in love. There isn’t a fire burning in my soul to go out and buy a really fast mind blowing hybrid.

My gut tells me this is the end.

I also believe there will be thousands if not millions who agree with me. I believe this will inspire a generation 25-50, for the next 50 years who will be missing something. Something in their gut, something in their heart. A fix, a temptation, a passion…

Am I the only one?

John Temerian

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