The Storied Legacy of the Daytona Spider

July 1, 2024
The Storied Legacy of the Daytona Spider
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Winston Churchill once said, “History is written by the victors.” While he never saw the Ferrari Daytona Spider, he would likely have admired its blend of power and elegance. From Miami’s sunny streets to Europe’s racetracks, the Daytona Spider stands out.

With only 122 Daytona Spiders ever made—96 for the U.S. and 26 for Europe and the UK—this car is incredibly rare. CURATED is excited to add this blue-chip car to our showroom for the first time. With a four-decade ownership history and a $130K platinum-level restoration at Rod Drew’s F.A.I. in Costa Mesa, CA, this Daytona Spider is a remarkable piece of automotive history.

Chassis 14473, the 16th unit produced, was originally delivered to Gross Inc. in Chicago, IL, and maintained by Ullrich’s in Evanston, IL, until the mid-1990s. It later found notable owners, including Dr. Kamel Cinaroglu in San Antonio, TX, and Charles T. Wegner in West Chicago, IL.

The car comes with original accessories like the complete leather owner’s pouch, handbooks, and the original Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin. It also features rebuilt Borrani wire wheels and the original mags on new Dunlop tires, underscoring its authenticity.

Becoming a Cultural Icon

The Daytona Spider’s fame goes beyond its limited production. It became a cultural icon thanks to its role in the TV show Miami Vice. Its sleek design and raw power made it a perfect fit for the series. Notably, the cars used in the show were replicas, leading to a lawsuit by Ferrari. The show producers had used modified Chevrolet Corvettes to resemble Daytona Spiders. Ferrari, determined to protect its brand, sued the producers. The unique settlement required the destruction of the fake cars on screen in exchange for two real 1986 Testarossas from Ferrari. This agreement introduced the Testarossa to a global audience, further embedding Ferrari in pop culture.

Preserving Heritage for Future Generations

The 1971 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider, chassis number 14473, now in CURATED’s showroom, is a beautiful example of Ferrari’s legacy. From its limited production to its impressive ownership history, this Daytona Spider showcases the importance of preserving automotive history. At CURATED, we aim to celebrate the rich history of iconic supercars like the Daytona Spider. This car is more than just a vehicle—it’s a significant part of automotive history, and we’re here to keep its story alive.

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