1970 Lamborghini Miura S

Unique Factory Specifications "Lavorazioni Speciale"
Featured in the Van Halen song Panama





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Miura S

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Alfa Red

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The fabulous and highly collectible Lamborghini Miura began production in 1966 and ran through 1973. The Miura was considered to be the first “Supercar” (as coined by legendary automotive writer, the late L.J.K. Setright) with its ground breaking wedge shaped design, transversely mounted V12 engine and Bertone’s styling touches which to this day continue to draw superlatives.

Second among the Miura series is the P400S (or simply “S”) model was introduced at the 1968 Turin Motor Show. The Miura S featured some slight revisions from the original P400 with the addition of the famous “eyelashes” which are actually strakes to fill in the void around the raised headlamps, chrome trim around the windows and headlights, new overhead inline console and new rocker switches. The V12 engine benefitted from the intake manifolds being made 2mm larger, revised camshaft profiles and carburation improvements that provided an extra 20BHP for 370BHP at 7700RPM. The Miura S further received revised suspension geometry and latterly properly ventilated discs for the brakes.

Further modifications featured on the Miura S were more ergonomic in nature in the cabin including a locking glove box lid, revised position for the cigarette lighter and windshield wiper switch and single activation release handles for the front and rear body sections. Power windows and factory air conditioning were also added all of which increased the MSRP of the Miura S by about $800.00.

Lamborghini produced the Miura S model between December 1968 and March 1971 when it was replaced by the SV model. Celebrity owners of Miura S models included legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra, jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and Eddie Van Halen, lead guitarist for the mega group Van Halen.

This is the 1970 Miura S owned by Eddie Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen owned this Miura for over 30 years and it was featured in the hit song, Panama. It also has unique factory specifications, "Lavorazioni Speciale".
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