1991 Mercedes-Benz SL60

AMG body kit and OZ wheels
Extensive mechanical restoration from RENNtech





Model Variant


Current Mileage

33,652 km



Engine capacity

M119 6.0L, 4V, V8 / 381BHP

exterior color

Arctic White

Interior color

Leather Royal Blue


Four Speed Automatic

Top speed


Bruno Sacco

Years produced

1993 - 1998

Total production


More details

Produced as a replacement for the outdated R017, Mercedes-Benz announced the R129 models in 1989 as the company’s flagship two-seater roadster which featured a color-matched removable hard top. Among the R129 models offered was the 500SL and, as with all pre-merger AMG examples, the cars were offered in a variety of customized performance packages, more power, aero and cosmetic features tailor- made to customer’s specifications.

However, in 1990, Mercedes-Benz and AMG were moving towards an inevitable merger and during this time, the companies formed a more formal co-operation agreement which allowed AMG-optioned cars to appear in official Mercedes-Benz showrooms, making the R129 the first such AMG version to be made available to Mercedes-Benz dealership customers.

Under the bonnet, the 500SL M119 V8 engine was bored to 6.0 liters producing 381BHP, up from its original 322BHP. Cosmetically, the cars received a handsome and very much in period appearing monochrome exterior treatment with color-matched wheels, lip spoiler, running boards with matching badging along with beautiful glossy wood trimmed dash and interior.

Production of these pre-merger models was limited to 50 (depending on whom you ask) but since no real production records exist, we’ll have to take sources at their word.

Rare, and with a unique pedigree, the Mercedes-Benz 500SL AMG 6.0 is a special example of early, pre-merger AMG work.

AMG 6.0 M119 engine, AMG body kit and OZ wheels. Extensive mechanical restoration from RENNtech.

Service records detailing work performed available upon request.
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