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Diablo SE30 #051 of 150. Factory Show Car and featured in the 1995 Lamborghini Yearbook. 3,800 original miles. Potentially, the most unique and rare modern Lamborghini of our time.

Last year I got an email from a fellow collector, history and author, Joe Sackey. Joe has been instrumental in the preservation and collector appreciation for all vintage Lamborghini’s, primarily Miura types. He produced a stunning book, The Miura Bible, discovered numerous rare Miura and Countach examples, and in addition is one of the leading experts and authors on the 288 GTO model from Ferrari.

The email included a few photos of a very unique and stunning White Diablo model and personal note prodding me to purchase the car. This was not just any Diablo but the Special Edition 30th anniversary model, better known as the SE30.

In 1993, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Italian marque, (and most likely a response to the race inspired Ferrari F40) Lamborghini produced a purpose built car, the Diablo SE30. Essentially, the Diablo SE30 was completely different from any other production Diablo. Designed to be lighter, faster and ultimately raw the model featured;
- Limited Edition of 150
- Magnesium Lightweight Wheels
- Lightweight Carbon Fiber body panels
- Stripped down interior appointments now revealing raw exposed carbon fiber paneling
- Race Style Fuel Filler
- Unique Front Bumper with prominent Lamborghini badge
- Unique Rear Bumper
- Unique Front Hood
- Unique Side Skirts
- Unique Carbon Fiber Rear Bonnet
- Unique Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
- Adjustable Suspension
- Adjustable Sway Bar with Mechanism in the Interior compartment
- Unique Racing steering wheel
- Racing Seat Belts
- Racing Brakes
- Racing flywheel
- Intakes
- Lightweight Seats made from Carbon Fiber
- Limited Edition Numbered Badging
- Unique Shift Knob
- Lightened Crank
- Unique Flywheel
- SE Specification ECU
- SE unique oiling and oil cooling system
- SE Specific Cams
- SE Specific Pistons
- SE unique intakes with larger intake valves

These very special appointments translated into a supercar weighing a touch more than 3,000 lbs with 523 hp and 2wd. In addition, Lamborghini made the Diablo SE30 available in very special Metallic purple color, 30th Purple. Over a third of the SE30 cars were delivered in purple.

I have always lusted after the Diablo SE30. There is no way to describe the sounds from inside the cabin upon acceleration. Whines, barks and growls vibrate through its Carbon Fiber appointments. You feel as if you are piloting a prototype Spacecraft that is destined for some far away planet. I don’t car what anyone says, this is Lamborghini’s F40. Purpose built and produced as a street legal race car, the Diablo SE30 is the ultimate modern Lamborghini ever produced.

Back to our story…Upon Joe’s recommendation we had the incredible opportunity to have Valentino Balboni inspect and test drive the car prior to purchasing. (If you don’t know who Balboni is, you can stop reading our posts.) Within days of the inspection, we received a glowing report from Valentino stating; “Excellent general conditions, never previously seen a car in such conditions.” We were hooked. Diablo SE30 #51 had to be ours.

Diablo SE30 #51 of 150 was special ordered with all of the factory options including some very unique features. The car is only one of two produced that are Impact White over White full leather interior and one of a handful with factory power windows. Unlike #51, Most Diablo SE30 models had alcantara interiors with small roll up windows, reminiscent of the Countach. In addition, Diablo SE30 #51 was the 1995 Naples Motorshow car and featured in the 1995 Lamborghini Yearbook. There are always great cars and great stories but rarely opportunities that present themselves like car #51.

Car #51 will be with Curated in Miami for the next year on display at numerous Concours D’Elegance events for all to enjoy and appreciate.
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