1998 Lamborghini Diablo SV

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Diablo SV

Current Mileage

17,664 km



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Five Speed Manual

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Marcello Gandini (initial) Tom Gale (Chrysler Styling Center)

Years produced

1994 - 1999

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Diablo SVE. Prod. #2058. Originally to Exclusive, USA on 13 Oct 98

The Lamborghini Diablo SV was introduced in 1995 at the Geneva Motor Show reviving
the Super Veloce title first used on the Mirua SV. The SV is based on the standard
Diablo and thus lacks the four-wheel drive of the VT. A notable feature of the SV is an
increase in power output to 517PS (510BHP; 380 kW) at 7,100RPM and 580 N⋅m
(428 lbf⋅ft) at 5,900RPM of torque, which, paired with the two-wheel drive layout, can
increase the likelihood of loss of traction during hard driving. Despite its higher power
output, the SV was priced as the entry-level model in the Diablo range, falling below the
standard Diablo by a small margin.

An adjustable rear spoiler was installed as standard equipment and could be colormatched
to the car body or formed from carbon fiber. Other exterior changes included
black tail lamp surrounds, repositioned rear fog and reverse lamps as on the SE30, dual
front foglamps (rather than the quad style found on all previous models), an extra set of
front brake cooling ducts, a ducted engine lid similar to that installed on the Diablo SE30
Jota, and optional “SV” decals for the sides of the car. The SV also featured larger
diameter front brakes (13.4”) and a corresponding increase in front wheel size to 18”.
In 1998, a limited 20-car run of Diablo SV’s was produced exclusively for the United
States market and called the Monterey Edition. The most notable feature of this edition
was the use of the SE30/VT Roadster style of air intakes in front of the rear wheels,
unlike the traditional (and persisting) SV style. Several of the cars were painted in
unusual, vibrant colors. One Monterey Edition, featuring an upgraded engine and
brakes, was driven by Mario Andretti during the Lamborghini-sponsored “Running of the
Bulls” event in California. The Monterey Edition was foreseen to be a collectible, but
due to the popularity of the fixed-lamp models to follow, its value did not rise as
significantly over time as expected.

The popular video game “Need for Speed III” uses the Lamborghini Diablo SV as the
flagship car of the game. The car became emblematic of the “Need for
Speed” franchise, making several appearances throughout later entries in the series
This Lamborghini Diablo SV in Nero black over Snowcorn is a brilliant example and was
part of a famous image made with several other Diablo SVs at the former Nelson Auto
Group’s Lamborghini of Ohio in Marysville.

“I vividly remember seeing this exact 1998 Lamborghini Diablo SV when it was brand
new at Lamborghini Ohio, Nelson Auto Group, in @dupontregistry” states Curated’s
own John Temerian, Jr. “It was one of a handful of black SV examples delivered new to
the USA in 1998 and one of two cars delivered with Snowcorn interior with matching
piping. In the early 2000s it was sold to a Florida collector who serviced the car with my

“At Curated, we do not acquire cars simply for inventory but rather based on what the car is.
We love interesting provenance, very low production, very low mileage, very special and often
weird cars”
John Temerian, Jr.
Curated co-founder
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