1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT

Concours Condition
Original Paint





Model Variant

Diablo VT

Current Mileage

11,419 km



Engine capacity

5.7L DOHC 48 Valves / 523BHP @ 7100 rpm

exterior color

Super Fly Yellow

Interior color



Five Speed Manual

Top speed



Marcello Gandini (initial) Tom Gale (Chrysler Styling Center)

Years produced

1999 - 1999

Total production


More details

Previously residing in Japan, Chassis Number XLA12169, Believed to be 1 of 44 examples of VT Coupes for the world, Lamborghini sold only 265 cars for 1999 most of them being SVs and VT roadsters, making VT Coupes exceptionally rare. With its all original Super Fly Yellow paint, exceptional condition, and complete books and tools, Chassis Number XLA12169 represents a reference grade example of VT coupe.

Other Information: Build Completion Date: 16 Mar 1999
Delivery Market: Japan
Billing Date: 16 Mar 1999
Warranty Period: 01 Feb 2000 to 01 Feb 2002
vin ZA9DE01A0XLA12169
Engine number L 552

The 1999 Diablo: a brief look at what's new

A first look at the Diablo Model Year 1999 tells you that Lamborghini has worked hard to improve its already formidable supercars still further. The front body styling has been revamped, with fixed headlamps replacing the previous retractable units.

This aesthetically pleasing modification, lending more "strength" to the front end, is also very important technically since fixed lamps guarantee better beam alignment and optimized visibility.

The dash has been redesigned to house instruments of the latest generation - still analog, but electronically controlled. The new shape of the dash also affords space for a fully-integrated passenger airbag. Significant technological innovations have been introduced for mechanical components, engine and electronic systems:
• braking system
• new-generation ABS
• inlet valve cam profile modified to increase lift
• larger-diameter valves
• electronically-controlled variable timing system
• improved electronic system for engine control
• updated data acquisition and diagnostics functions
• fuel iniection system upgraded
• Emission control and OBD I systems meeting the new 1999 USA and California standards

With increased power output and a modified torque curve, transmission ratios have also been adapted, giving the customer various options (all in compliance with statutory requirements):
"close" ratios for faster acceleration, and more conventional ratios for higher cruising speeds and comfort.
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