2000 Lamborghini Diablo GT

1 of 6 Argento Titanio examples.
Books, tools, and GT specific luggage.
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Model Variant

Diablo GT

Current Mileage

10,740 km



Engine capacity

6.0 liter, 4-valve, 575BHP

exterior color

Argento Titanio

Interior color



Five Speed Manual

Top speed



Marcello Gandini (initial), Tom Gale for Chrysler Styling Center and Luc Donckerwolke

Years produced

1999 - 2000

Total production


More details

Chassis Number YLA12460 is a European market Argento Titanio car. Number 47 of 80, Originally to Auto Kremer, Bonn, Germany on 18 Apr 2000. #47 of 80. Date of first registration Nov 2000 in Sweden.

Last in Germany.

The Diablo GT was the ninth variant of the model from Lamborghini. Introduced in 1998 and based on previous versions and special versions such as the SE30 and SE30 Jota., Only 80 versions of the GT were produced mainly for Europe with only four finding their way to the U.S.

Lamborghini produced the Diablo GT to be a track-only car and it was outfitted with many components not seen on previous road going versions. Exclusive additions to the car included more sculpted and aggressive bodywork, sparse interior and larger engine.

Bodywork alterations included an all new black carbon front air dam, larger brake ducts
and central vent for the oil cooler. A prominent air extractor was added to the front deck lid and small corner vents atop the front fenders were changed to NACA style ducts. At the rear, a wider wing was added to accommodate the wider track. The rear light clusters and bumper were replaced with a carbon fiber diffuser which is integrated with the center mounted exhaust system with the fog and reversing lamps.

A new ram air intake was added which protrudes from atop the engine bonnet adding to the car’s racy looks. Carbon fiber touches were added to the body to take away weight with the only steel left was the roof while the doors remained in aluminum. O.Z. created special three-piece wheels completed the exterior package.

The interior features more prominent carbon fiber panels, racing inspired seats with 4- point
harnesses and smaller steering wheel. Optional bits include an Alpine LCD screen for GPS and rear wing mounted reversing camera. Air conditioning was installed as standard equipment and airbags were an option.

In the engine department, the basic V12 remained however stroked from 5.7 liters to a new
displacement of 6.0 liters producing 575BHP. In the drivetrain, the transmission was the standard 5-speed used in previous models but buyers could request different gear ratios. The all-wheel drive system was eliminated to save weight.

This Lamborghini Diablo GT (#2460) while still brand new, was bought by a Japanese collector, and he had the car transported to Rotterdam. The intention was to ship the car to Japan. While the car was in the port of Rotterdam he learnt that even if the Diablo was possible to import and register in Japan, this wasn’t the case with the GT version, that was the story back then anyway. So, he sold the car to KS Autohandel in Germany, who bought the car for a Swedish collector. The car was imported trough Lennart Franzén Bil AB (Seat and art dealer) in the south of Sweden. The car arrived to Sweden in September 2000. It had its ground registration (inspection) as a new car and was officially imported to Sweden on the 30 Sept 2000. It was approved for road use 10 Oct 2000 and registered RTZ973. The car was sold and exported back to the South of Germany in December 2003.

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