1986 Lamborghini Countach Downdraft

Very Rare North American Downdraft
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As most of our followers, friends and family know, we are a huge advocate of the European specification Countach 5000QV Carbureted aka “Downdraft.”

These cars are in high demand with a cult-like following and as collections evolve and grow, we believe the FIA Group B Homologated and most powerful Countach variant, will be the most valuable.

We recently purchased Chassis 12914, a Rosso Speciale example that has absolutely incredible provenance. Not only is it one or potentially four cars in Rosso Speciale but it is also one of less than twenty-five cars affixed with the European carburetors imported into North America.

As of late 1984 and early 1985, Lamborghini officially produced the first factory USA legal cars. These cars were the last 5000S examples and featured a very unique Fuel Injection system instead of the side draft carburetors. Only twelve to fifteen of these cars were completed until the launch of the 5000QV in early 1985.

The 5000QV was the first widely publicized USA legal Countach, complete with DOT spec rubber bumpers, catalysts and a unique de-tuned fuel injection power plant. These cars were very successful and produced between 1986 and 1988.5 for the USA.

While this car suited the needs of many consumers, hard core enthusiasts yearned for the higher horsepower carbureted European version. This was the version famously used for magazine tests boasting over 450hp and close to 200mph top speed.

The USA distributor, Joe Nastasi of Lamborghini East and Jon Scotti of Lamborghini Montreal miraculously imported 20-21 “federalized” Downdraft Cars.

This was put to a stop in 1986 and these rare cars become subject of urban Lamborghini legend.

Once you start researching Countach examples you will quickly find that majority of the cars produced were Rosso Siviglia (Red), Bianco or Nero (Black.) Less than 10% were produced in unique colors such as Miura Bleau, Canne Di Fucile, Bianco Perlato, Verde Metillizato, Argento or Rosso Speciale.

After years of numerous collectors and dealers trying to pursue Chassis , somehow we got lucky enough to become the current .

It is a very original example with original paint, showing minimal sides of checking and cracking, a stunning original Panna interior, with contrasting red stitching and incredible dossier of records including a full engine out mechanical restoration.

This incredible car still maintains its original Alpine Bi-Level Auto Reverse 7158 AM/FM cassette stereo and all of its books, tools and owners pouch.
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