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About 6 months ago we had the opportunity to purchase one of the original Cizeta V16T examples. We spent months researching the car and eventually organized an interview in Miami with the creator, Mr. Claudio Zampolli. The little-known brand outside of Lamborghini circles in Italy was led by Zampolli, who is a famed automotive engineer and was essential in the development of the Miura and the US based Lamborghini dealer network. The company, Cizeta Automobili (an Italian hybrid for Claudio Zampoli’s initials, CZ, “Chey-Zeta”) produced a total of 9, V16 powered examples, built in Modena, Italy in period.

The original design of the Cizeta was penned by Marcelo Gandini. Gandini famously designed the Lamborghini Miura and Countach for Bertone, and eventually penned the final version of the Lamborghini Diablo for Chrysler. Many enthusiasts draw comparisons to the early Diablo prototypes, but the Cizeta has a unique look completely its own, shocking yet elegant. It should be noted that the Cizeta was over 6.5 feet wide, 3 inches wider than a Ferrari Testarossa.

Arguably the most distinguished feature of the Italian supercar is its bold V16 engine. The Oliviero Pedrazzi engineered 6.0 liter V16 motors were the result of an Italian made unique cast block in the central rear position. The engine is a true V16 which featured 64 valves, eight camshafts, two fuel-injection systems, four cylinder heads, and twin timing chains. Power was claimed to be 540BHP at 8,000RPM and 400 lb-ft of torque.

The transverse V16 engine was mounted to a mounted ZF five-speed transaxle. The drivetrain was placed in a tubular spaceframe chassis and supported by racing inspired double-wishbone suspension and shod with 17” rear wheels. It had a 37 gallon (12 liter) fuel tank.

The cars were expertly hand built by a small team of former Ferrari and Lamborghini engineers. Zampolli paid attention to every detail, fit and finish remarkable, and it was noted by both Gordan Murray and Peter Stevens in a personal letter to Zampolli after viewing the Cizeta at the Geneva Motor Show in 1991.

Zampolli has always described Chassis #101 as his favorite example produced. Cizeta V16 T #101 is the only example finished in Blue with matching Blue interior. We learned that the interiors were finished new by Bruno Paratelli, who famously crafted majority of the Lamborghini leather interiors in period.

Chassis #101 was ordered new by Hong Seh Motors on behalf of the Sultan of Brunei and was the sixth car delivered from the factory.

Prior to delivery, Chassis #101 was used for famous Cizeta Press images around Modena, and shown at the Cizeta booth at the 1993 Geneva Auto Show. It is noted that Chassis #101 was ordered with slightly different straked air intakes, which were horizontal rather than vertical as seen on previously delivered cars. The car was shipped from Modena to Hong Seh and stayed in Singapore “as new,” its entire life. Never registered, it is essentially a new car with less than 600 miles.

Chassis #101 represents arguably the best Cizeta example left in the world today with incredible provenance, as-new condition in its unique livery. Considering the excitement for unique 1980s and 1990s Supercars, this one-off Cizeta V16T is one of the most exciting cars that Curated has represented.

- Interior shows no signs of rips or scuffs
- Tires appear to be original with date code 1993
- Paint is in “as-new”
- The radio is original

- Owner 1 – Ordered new by Sultan of Brunei
- March 4-14, 1993 – Shown by Cizeta Automobili at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show
- March 30, 1993 – Shipped from Modena, Italy to Hong Seh Motors
- Purchased by Curated
- July 2020 – Shipped from Hong Seh Motors to Miami
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