1996 Porsche 993 Turbo

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993 Turbo

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7,700 miles



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1996 Porsche 911 993 Turbo Coupe
Guards Red
3.6 Liter H6
6-speed manual transmission
All wheel drive
Cashmere/black leather interior
Porsche floor mats – cashmere
Standard Turbo equipment
Porsche crest Rims caps (4)
AM/FM radio with CD player
Supple leather front and rear
Last of the air-cooled Porsches

“The 993 Turbo was the final revision of the air-cooled 911 turbo, now with twin-turbos and an all-wheel drive system loosely based on the 959. Don’t think this took away from the lunacy, this car remains properly manic in true 911 Turbo tradition”.  Quote by unknown author.

The nineties saw Porsche take their tried and true 911 and 930 turbos in new directions. Fresh off their front-engined design experiments of the eighties such as the 924 and 928, Porsche rededicated themselves to the iconic 911 with deviations from entry level to full on flagship standard bearer.

Porsche’s 993 designation was for models made between 1994 and 1998 (model years 1995 through 1998 in the U.S.) and often referred to as the era that produced the best and most desirable of the 911 series, due to their great designs and staggering performance.

A modern classic.
The 993 is often described as “The last complete modern classic” and “the 993 was and forever will be that last fresh breath of air that Porsche gave the world; elegance and muscle all in one package” quoting from the book “Porsche 993 – Essential Companion” which also calls the 993 the “King of Porsche”.

Superlatives abound, as motoring media praised the 993 as something truly special with a combination of old-school feel and modern usability that isn’t found in many other cars with great steering, great brakes, and a wonderfully composed package. Motoring media also raved that “the 993 is also beautifully made — it’s a relic from the time when Porsche didn’t cut corners anywhere”. You get the idea.

Porsche engineers revamped the mechanicals and designer Tony Hatter completely reworked the 911, creating a totally new car with little to no carry over parts from previous generation 911s. The addition of a light alloy subframe with coil and wishbone multi-link suspension which took away lift-off oversteer. Revised engine and handling characteristics created a more user-friendly driving environment and the 993 was the first Porsche to receive a 6-speed gearbox.

993s varied in body styles, drive trains and engines and subtle changes occurred over the years  The 1996 993s also saw increased horsepower with the debut of the Varioram system, which gave additional power especially in the mid-rev range, to 285BHP, a 15% increase from the 964.

Hatter kept the iconic 911 styling cues obviously but revised external panels with more flared wheel arches, smoother front and rear bumpers and enlarged fixed rear wing. Altogether, the 993 is a much more slippery looking shape than the standard 911, a far more streamlined and integrated design from nose to tail.

On the debut of the turbo charged 993 in 1995, engine displacement was increased to 3.6 liters producing 408BHP. Racing inspired twin turbos, air to air intercoolers, electronic engine management systems, redesigned cylinder heads and all-wheel drive, effectively creating a mass produced 959 in the process.

We have records for the 993 Turbo dating to practically new on file. The car has been immaculately cared for its entire life with regular detailing, oil and fluid changes up to major 30K mile service and completely gone through by Porsche certified technicians as shown by our records which date to 2005.

This 993 Turbo (#75817) on offer by Curated is showing less than 8,000 miles on the odometer, looks stunning in Guards red with tan leather seats. The car has been immaculately cared for its entire life, shows a clean CarFAX and comes complete with service records, books, tools and cover.

Service timeline:
7/05: Midwestern Auto Groupof Dublin, Ohio with 3,463 miles
- Car went in for a wiring harness recall and also had a full oil service.
5/09: Hoehn Porsche of Carlsbad, California with 4,801 miles
- Performed full 30K mile maintenance service
- Carried out brake fluid replacement
- Routine air bag maintenance inspection
- Dent removal.
- Replaced burned out light bulb in brake housing lamp.
- Replaced front hood struts.
- Full routine 30K mile check
8/09: Cavallino Motorsports of Carlsbad, California with 4,949 miles
- Car was lowered per the customer’s request to install Euro springs
- Complete safety inspection performed
- Customer reported clicking noise from inside the car, traced to a hose resting on rear deck bracket
2/11: Hoehn Porsche of Carlsbad, California with 5,662 miles
- Engine oil and filter change
- Set ride height, adjusted sway bars and struts to neutral
- Installed aftermarket muffler and exhaust tips per customer request
- Four wheel alignment
- Wash, vacuum service
- Full multi-point inspection per Porsche recommendation
3/17: DAS Sport, LLCof Gordonsville, Virginia with 7,652 miles
- Genuine Porsche cover
Standard equipment:
- 3.6 liter, 6 cylinder, 400BHP
- Hydraulic self-adjusting valve lifters/dual knock sensors
- On board diagnostics II
- Resonant induction system
- Dual exhaust system,
- Rear wiper
- Vented disc brakes with ABS- 5,
- All wheel drive with limited slip differential
- ABD stabilizer front bars front and rear
- New technology design rims
- 225/40 ZR18, 265/35 ZR18 tires
- Integrated bumper with fog lights
- Fixed rear spoiler
- Power sunroof
- Headlight washer
- Power steering
- Filtered A/C and heating with climate control
- Remote central locking system w/ LED warning light
- Pull power adjustable front stabilizer bars
- AM/FM cassette Hi-Fi sound
- Automatic speed control
- Power side windows and mirrors
- Windshield washer nozzles and rear window
- 2+2 fold down rear seats
- Front airbags
- Three point seat belts
- Full analog gauges with warning light protection System
- Light protection system
- 19.4 gallon polymer fuel tank
- 26-step paint process
- Fully galvanized unibody
- 10 year limited anti-corrosion warranty
- Porsche Assist
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