2012 Lexus LFA

4,000 Miles
Full Car PPF





Model Variant


Current Mileage

4,115 miles



Engine capacity

4.8L V10/553HP at 8,700 RPMS

exterior color

Starlight Black

Interior color



Top speed



Kengo Matsumoto

Years produced

2010 - 2012

Total production


More details

First unveiled to the public at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, the Lexus LFA redefined supercar standards for the 2010s with its groundbreaking design. Its low, wide stance and smooth, flowing lines set it apart, while the radical sound from its Yamaha-built engine and exhaust became a hallmark of its identity.

The LFA is distinguished by its advanced aerodynamics, producing over 500 lbs of downforce. This configuration not only enhances the car's aerodynamic efficiency but also contributes to its aggressive and futuristic appearance. The carbon fiber-reinforced polymer body further accentuates the car's dynamic form and presence on the road, especially in the elegant Starlight Black variant.

Inside, the LFA's interior is a blend of luxury and functionality, featuring a driver-focused cockpit that emphasizes control and precision. High-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship are evident throughout, reflecting Lexus' unwavering commitment to excellence.

By 2012, the Lexus LFA had garnered widespread acclaim from automotive enthusiasts and critics alike, praised for its performance, design, and engineering. This recognition cemented the LFA's role in establishing Lexus as a formidable player in the supercar market, showcasing the brand's innovative spirit and cutting-edge technology.

This specific Lexus LFA features only 4,000 miles and is one of only 18 finished in Starlight Black. Additionally, it has a full car PPF (Paint Protection Film).
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